Here you'll find some examples of my playing. If possible I referred to the places where you can purchase the music on cd or mp3. Wish you lots of listening-fun!

Jacob ter Veldhuis, currently known as JtV, wrote most of his celloworks for me. This composition was written for baroque-cello and soundtrack.The voicesample comes from an interview with an old man who tells how he sat on the poet Apollinaire's lap.The last lines come from the poet himself, reading from "Le Pont Mirabeau"; this fragment was given to JtV years ago by his French teacher. Only after he wrote Tatatata for me we realised this French teacher was my mother. You will find the video of this work on Youtube or on my profile page.

[5'00", 128 kB/s]

Arensky Serenade
Listen to the Serenade by Anton Arensky for cello and choir.I perform this with a choir from Nijmegen named Mnemosyne. They issued a cd from a live concert where you can also find the two other works for cello and choir by Arensky.

[2'14", 128 kB/s]

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